Last Week at Sand Point

Last week our 4th and 5th graders took over Junior Achievement’s BizTown in Auburn! For several weeks, Ms. Manzo. Ms. Hoyos and Ms. Chavez prepared students for their day as CEOs, CFOs, employees, and citizens at BizTown. Next time you see one of our 4th or 5th graders, ask them about their day at BizTown. We are still the only Seattle Public School who participates in this program. Just another reason to love Sand Point!

Thank you Ms. Manzo, Ms. Hoyos and Ms. Chavez, Sand Point staff who attended, and the 19 parent (and grandparent) volunteers who came out to help our Squirrels at BizTown!

Also a big Squirrel Thank you to BECU who granted our school a scholarship so that all of our students could attend BizTown today for free. And your very own SPA PTA provided funding for the buses.

2019 Biz Town Visit

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Principal Roberts Community Listening Session 2: 11/23, 11:30am-1:00pm

All families are invited to a Community Listening Session at Sand Point Elementary on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 (Parent/Teacher Conference Day) from 11:30 – 1:00 pm during our Family and Staff Potluck.

Also look for the Family Feedback to Guide the Levy Application form sent home last week (check your student’s backpack). Please give us your feedback about current programming and support and on what else you would like to see. Please return this form by Friday, 11/15/19.

Please contact Principal Roberts at 206-252-4645 or with questions.

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SEL in the Context of Identity

Here at Sand Point, we use social learning theory as the framework for implementation throughout each month. Advisory meetings for Sand Point’s SEL curriculum are held on the first Monday of each month and the SEL theme for the month is presented. At the end of the month, the work is presented by Student Council at the morning all-school assembly. Families are welcome to attend.

Watch the videos with your Squirrels to share and learn together.

November – Identity
Kids intro skit 0:00 – 0:50
Intro titles (with wicked reverse fog machine action) 0:50 – 1:31
Adults introduce Identity and “Where I’m From/I Was Raised By” 1:31 – 3:48
Students/staff share “Where I’m From/I Was Raised By” Poems 3:49 – 8:12
Staff talk about “Identity Iceberg” and assumptions 8:18 – 10:03
Students/staff share “Assumptions” 10:04 – 12:39
Staff share seeing yourself as a “future you” (self-efficacy) 12:40 – 13:46
Students/staff share “future selves” 13:46 – 14:55
Kindergarten Alphabet Fashion Show (Identity through letters, pretty cute too) 14:55 – 16:38
Cue to Call: Identity 16:38 – 17:31
Multiple Identity levels 17:32 – 19:19
Questions to help build self-awareness when working with identity 19:19 – 19:33
Questions to help build social awareness when working with identity 19:33 – 19:57
Closing 19:57 – End

October – Citizenship

September – Community and Belonging

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Sand Point Elementary’s 9th Annual Move-A-Thon

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for our Move-A-Thon on Friday! Sunny and mild. Ahhh! We surpassed our goal and raised more then $14,500 before matching (reminder to please submit matching)! Just because we surpassed our goal doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love your donation! It’s not too late to still donate to our school (plus, 10% is going to the Eli’s Park Project).

Thank you to our amazing corporate sponsors (Windermere Real Estate Sand Point, Kalles Group, Kumon U Village, Macrina Bakery, Ryan General Contractors, ShelfGenie), our wonderful Pro Bono Designer (Candice Creates), pledge donors, event day volunteers, students and staff for another awesome Move-A-Thon! Yay Squirrels!

2019 Move-A-Thon

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Sand Point Family and Staff Potluck

Family and Staff Potluck

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9th Annual Move-A-Thon – Friday, 11/8, 1:00

Time for Squirrels to collect those pledges. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, all Sand Point students will participate in this fun, yearly event!!

Help us reach Sand Point Elementary’s 2019 Move-A-Thon goal of raising $13,000 to support the PTA (including the school’s dance program, recess equipment, soccer goals, a pickleball / tennis court and more for the PE program, marathon club, student led projects identified by the SPE student council, classroom grants, and more). This healthy, fun, school-wide, community-building event is one of the highlights of the school year. Students will be able to see how their own actions through fundraising and participating in the Move-A-Thon directly contribute to improvements at their school.

MOVE-A-THON Frequently Asked Questions

MOVE-A-THON Pledge Form

Copies were sent home last week but click on the link above if you need another copy. Donors may also donate online at

2018 Move-a-thon

2018 Squirrel Strong

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Hear Our Voices Podcast

We are excited to announce the first episode is available now! Check it out!!

Last April, 4th/5th grade teacher Zoe Manzo and Sand Point Elementary were the proud recipients of a Symetra Heroes In The Classroom MVP Award. This $20,000 grant has provided funding for Sand Point’s Hear Our Voices program. This innovative student achievement program focuses on providing a platform for fourth- and fifth-grade students to share stories by recording and producing oral histories. Students use technology to create a digital library that can be accessed at school and in the community to encourage a better understanding of the diversity in the school’s learning community, students’ connectedness with one another, and relationships between home and school culture. It is a program that combines English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning, Career and College Readiness, as well as a Math component. Stay tuned for next months podcast to include more stories from students and families!

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Welcome to Sand Point, Ms. Ruby!

Welcome to Nichole Ruby, our newest teacher here at Sand Point Elementary. Ms. Ruby taught kindergarten in Baltimore for 6 years in schools similar to Sand Point Elementary. For the past four years, she has been a stay at home Mom. We are happy to have you back in the classroom here at Sand Point Elementary and know that you and Ms. Homchick will provide a wonderful year for our Kindergartners.

Special Squirrel Thank You to Ms. Homchick and the Sand Point Staff who supported our Kindergartners until the second classroom was established. We know it took a strong effort to make it as streamline as possible for our young Squirrels and the SPE PTA so appreciates that!

Squirrel in hand

Kindergarten is going to be great!

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Last Week at Sand Point

It was a fun morning at our Kindergarten ABC Bootcamp Fashion Show! Letters are so in this season!

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All School Assembly and Book Character Day (10/31)

Sand Point’s next SEL Assembly will be on October 31st, and all SPE Families are welcome to attend. At this assembly, 3rd grade students (Ms. Miller & Mr. Conway’s classrooms) will be performing a song together with SPE Music teacher Ms. S (Ms. Storhaug). This is an exciting assembly for students and will include a Book Character Day Parade.

More about Book Character Day:

Please work with your child to pick a book character to dress up as for Book Character Day. Your child should arrive in costume with the book on the 31st. The costume should not include fake weapons, masks that cover their entire face, or fake blood. We will have a short assembly at 8am to celebrate our Book Characters and a parade through the halls.

Ms. S and friends on parade, 2018

Ms. S and friends on parade, 2018

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