Hello Sand Point Families!

A welcome letter from the school should be in your mailboxes today or tomorrow. Enclosed is a supply list as a formality. To clarify, with the exception of backpacks, water bottles and snacks, the PTA has purchased ALL of the school supplies already and will deliver directly to classrooms. You will be asked to submit a $25 fee per student to the PTA in lieu of supply purchase or you can request a scholarship (there will also be an option to request backpack and water bottle if needed). Thanks for your support!

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Back to School Volunteer Needs

It’s almost time for school and we need your help! Please join us next week in making the final PTA preparations for the new school year. Our volunteers make Sand Point a great place for our kids!!

To volunteer, go to:

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Back to School Supplies

Welcome to the 2014-15 school year at Sand Point Elementary School!

We’re looking forward to a great year filled with learning, fun and friendship but we need your help!

Although our school budget does provide support for basic education supplies, students and teachers need more supplies than our basic education funding covers. These classroom supplies help our students learn. Across the district, most SPS elementary schools provide parents with a list of supplies to bring to school on the first day. This year the Sand Point Elementary PTA implemented something new in an attempt to save parents/guardians both time and money, by bulk purchasing classroom supplies for the entire school.

In the Welcome Packet your student receives the first day of school, there will be a request letter for $25 per student which covers the entire year’s supplies for all students. (Note: The supply fee is for classroom supplies only. Field trips and other activities may cost extra. Students will still need to provide their own full-sized backpack and re-usable water bottle.) There will be an option to request financial hardship waiver as well as provide a supplies scholarships. We look forward to your feedback and hope you find this new process to your liking.


The Sand Point Elementary PTA and Dan Warren, Principal

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Events Calendar for 2014-2015

View our 2014-2015 Events Calendar here.

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