Traditions Potluck on Sat, Nov 14th

Traditions Potluck (11/14 from 11am-2pm): our heritage brunch is so popular we wanted to give families one additional opportunity during the year to come together and share traditional foods. Please bring a dish representative of your culture or your family’s favorite dish to share. We’ll also open the stage to any that would like to do cultural performances or presentations. This is a great opportunity for us all to learn more about each other and our fantastic diversity. Please contact Chandra, PTA president if you would like to perform or Volunteer (set up tables, manage sign-in table, water station and clean-up).

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Three ways to Support SPE in November

Sand Point Elementary’s 5th Annual Move-A-Thon! – Keep Collecting Those Pledges!

Rain or shine, Sand Point Squirrels will be on the move on Friday, November 13th! This is an amazing all-school event where students, families and staff come together in a community-building activity to directly support our school. All students will participate in this event where we will move (walk, run, jog or roll) around the 1/8th mile course for 20 minutes that afternoon.

Help them reach their fundraising goal to raise $17,000 to support the PTA (including a recess monitor, student led projects identified by the SPE student council, classroom grants, and more).

Please forward on the link to family and friends to support your squirrel with a flat pledge

** Donors will need to know which classroom your child is in (room # or teacher’s name) to donate online and

** Don’t forget to have your company match your gift

Dine Out at the RAM in the U Village – November 17, 2015

Dine out or take out at the RAM in the U Village from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17. The Ram is graciously donating 10% of all sales during that time to Sand Point Elementary PTA!

When: Tuesday, November 17, 5:00 p.m. —9:00 p.m.

Where: The Ram Restaurant in the U Village

Why: To help raise funds for the Sand Point Elementary PTA so we can improve the school through capital improvements and enrichment programs for all SPE students.

Who: Spread the word to family and friends to dine out to support SPE.

Wear your Sand Point Elementary or Move-A-Thon shirts to show your school spirit! See you there!

‘Tis the Season… Ready or Not!

The Sand Point Elementary PTA is here to help you prepare for the holidays! Whether you need a wreath on your door to welcome friends and family, some fresh cedar garland to hang around your fireplace, or some delicious Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough to have in your freezer for those last minute guests, we can help! 50% of all proceeds go to our PTA.

We are once again partnering with two great local companies for these holiday goodies – Hunter Farms and Cougar Mountain Baking Company. You should have received flyers and order forms through KidMail.

Friday, November 20 – Deadline to turn in forms and checks in the PTA Treasure Box (located in the main office)

Wednesday, December 9 – Pick up greenery and cookie dough in the indoor playcourt

Questions? Please contact Juli Horan at

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a whirlwind of activity since we heard about the staffing cuts in the Seattle School District.  As you have probably heard by now, the District is cutting 31.5 positions from 25 schools, including ours.  We stand to lose 1 classroom teacher entirely, as well as part our ELL and Special Ed staff time.  The good news is that PTAs across the city are organizing together to try and prevent these cuts from happening, as well as demand accountability from the Seattle School District.

Recently, Chandra Hampson (SPE PTA President) organized a meeting where 40 Seattle Public School Parent Leaders from Legislators to PTA Presidents came together for two hours to accomplish one thing: develop a strategy to put a full stop to the current staff cuts due to take effect this week. As a result, Sand Point PTA endorses this effort and along with our fellow PTAs demands that the District take immediate action on the following:

Towards Accountability

  • District administration must halt all cuts immediately, leaving staff in place in current schools and positions.
  • The District must provide full transparency as to the short and long-term cost savings to which the October staff cuts contribute, balanced against overage and administrative costs associated with the cuts.
  • District must specify, how current cuts contribute to existing or projected deficit.
  • District must provide specific information regarding reserve and rainy day balances and usage relative to this year’s and future budgets.

Toward Shared Responsibility

  • District must specify how cuts are being shared across the system including central administration and office.

Toward Future Sustainability

  • District must support a collaborative approach of budget and enrollment projection processes.
  • Future staffing cuts will be prohibited by policy after the start of the school year.

Along with other PTAs, parents and community leaders we are prepared to enter into a deep partnership with the District on individual school and collective levels. However, the level of disruption to over 12,000 students at the thirty-two schools impacted is unacceptable without substantial rationale, community engagement and transparency. We refuse to let Seattle continue to be fodder for advocates of continued non-compliance with McCleary in Olympia.

Parents and advocates for school children have been organizing legally, in the communities and the media, requesting to meet with the District directly, proposing Board policy changes, acting on our right to public disclosure and activating our fellow parents to action. We are asking the District to hit the pause button on the planned cuts and meet us at the table of community discourse to determine how we can solve this problem together. We want the community involved in determining how to create a healthy school district.

Please Encourage the District to work with us!  Send Emails to:

Seattle Public School Board Members

Seattle School District Superintendent Larry Nyland

Seattle Public Schools District Senior Staff

For more information check the SPE PTA Facebook page and also   #KidsNotCuts

Sand Point Elementary School PTA

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Dear Parents and Community Members,

As you may have heard, there is a proposal to change the bell times at Seattle schools which is being presented to us for feedback.  The main purpose of changing bell times was to give older kids in middle and high school later start times so that they can get the sleep they need, which is supported by current scientific research.  On the flipside, elementary schools would start earlier, which is supported by data showing that younger kids learn best earlier in the morning.   Given how late we currently start at Sand Point Elementary and other NE Seattle schools, many parents, staff and community members have been eagerly awaiting an earlier start time for elementary school.

However, if you look at the new start times proposed in the Superintendent’s Final Draft Recommendation and the Community Meeting handout (see links below), all the NE Seattle elementary schools surrounding Sand Point Elementary (including Wedgwood, View Ridge, Bryant, Laurelhurst and Thornton Creek) are being assigned a new 8:00 am start time, while our school is being pushed back even later to 9:40 am!

There is a community input meeting on Monday, October 5th at Jane Addams Middle School at 6:30 pm which is our LAST opportunity to have input before the recommendation goes to the Seattle School District board for approval.  As a parent at Sand Point Elementary, I am planning to attend and voice my opposition to our school being excluded from the earlier start time and I hope many of you can join me.

Some of the reasons why an earlier start time for our children is better and why all elementary school deserve the same start times:
–  Kids in the elementary age group typically have a circadian rhythm that they are up by 7AM, making peak learning at 9AM.  Why should Sand Point Elementary kids miss that window of opportunity?
– With an earlier start time of 8 AM (arrival at 7:45), many working parents will no longer have to worry about before school care which would ease some of the stress of the morning rush and some of the financial burden.  Sand Point has many working parents.
– Community based programs and before/after school programs will all have to adjust to earlier school hours for every one of our surrounding schools, and our kids will be left out.  Think of all the soccer, ballet, etc. drop in programs that will all start at 2:30 PM for everyone else K-5 and our kids won’t be out until close to 4 PM.  Any current morning programs will likely shut down, again leaving our particular children again without options.

So far we have not had any answers from the District as to the reasoning behind starting Sand Point later than the surrounding schools, so we cannot provide those to you.  However, it seems that further north, John Rogers and Olympic Hills are also set for later start times.  We do not know why, but it does not seem fair or equitable to exclude individual schools from earlier school start times and isolate them from their surrounding neighborhoods.  We need some answers from the Seattle School District!

The Seattle School District Superintendent Needs To Hear From All Of Us!
Send an Email To:  AND
Monday, October 5th – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Jane Addams Middle School

Here are the Seattle School District links for more info:

Please forward this information.  If you know anyone at the surrounding schools, please encourage them to advocate for a fair solution for ALL of our NE Seattle elementary schools.

Thank You!

Maizun Blackbird
Sand Point Elementary PTA Legislative Chair

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