Marathon Club Starts This Week! Volunteers Needed

Marathon Club will kick off this week with our PE Teacher, Mr. O’Brien at Move-A-Thon. Then we will be ready to start tracking laps before school each day starting the following week!
Volunteers are needed to:
Arrive by 7:25am and put out the boxes containing the kids’ bar codes for tracking laps, hold a tablet so that kids can scan their barcodes after each lap, and then clean up afterwards.  It will require standing out in the elements on less-than-beautiful days, but it is oh-so-worth it to cheer on the kids to keep them motivated and to see their smiles when they hit their milestones.
For each mile a child runs/walks/rolls (8 laps around the playground area), they receive a token to place on a necklace.  Mr. O’Brien will hand these out weekly.  There are also prizes when a child reaches 1, 2, 3, or 4 (!) marathon distances and a certificate at the end.
This is a great way to help get kids active early so they are ready to learn when the bell rings!  If you are interested, please contact Mr. O’Brien (PE teacher) mobrien@seattleschools.org or Karen Stukovsky at stukofamilly@gmail.com.

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