Notes from the School Nurse

Please pick up your child’s medication on the last day of school, June 22nd.

Medications and Authorization:
New medication and authorization is needed every school year. To get the proper forms, please go to the Seattle Public Schools web site. Go to “Our District”, then “Forms” and “Health Services” or click HERE now to find the forms you need. Bring in the Medical Authorization signed by parent/guardian and doctor with the new meds by the first day of school every year. The nurse will then make an Individual Health Plan for your child, and ask you to edit and sign it.

Please check with your Health Care Provider about immunizations needed for your child, and bring the completed Certificate of Immunization Status or Certificate of Exemption to the school, signed by parent/guardian and completed by doctor. Your child’s completed vaccines protects not only them, but also members of our school community who are immune-compromised, unable to vaccinate, and can get VERY ill if they contract preventable communicable disease.

Thank you.

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