Urgent Legislative Action Alert

The House Budget for Washington State was released on Monday and will be voted on this Friday before it moves on to the Senate. They are proposing a mere $70 million per biennium increase in funding for special education for the entire state. Seattle Public Schools alone has a $140 million per biennium deficit in Special Education Funding. The proposed increase from the House would mean $4.4 million per biennium more for SPS – clearly not enough. OSPI puts the statewide SpEd deficit at $230 million for 2017-2018.

We need to let the House know NOW that they must come up with more funding for SPS and districts across the state, or lift the levy lid and allow districts to collect voter approved funds to bridge the gap in education funding. Without doing so, districts face significant deficits and cuts next year that will affect all students, most especially those already affected by inequity in our education system.

FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION: please call or email everyone on the House Appropriations Committee and let them know that their current proposal is not acceptable. Appropriations Committee members are listed here, with their phone numbers and links to their contact forms.

You can find the budget here http://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/budget/detail/2019/ho1921p.asphttp://leap.leg.wa.gov/leap/budget/detail/2019/ho1921p.asp

Please contact these legislators today!

Liza Rankin (SCPTSA and Wedgwood PTA) with
special thanks to Samantha Fogg (Bryant Elementary PTA)

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