SEL in the Context of Identity

Here at Sand Point, we use social learning theory as the framework for implementation throughout each month. Advisory meetings for Sand Point’s SEL curriculum are held on the first Monday of each month and the SEL theme for the month is presented. At the end of the month, the work is presented by Student Council at the morning all-school assembly. Families are welcome to attend.

Watch the videos with your Squirrels to share and learn together.

November – Identity
Kids intro skit 0:00 – 0:50
Intro titles (with wicked reverse fog machine action) 0:50 – 1:31
Adults introduce Identity and “Where I’m From/I Was Raised By” 1:31 – 3:48
Students/staff share “Where I’m From/I Was Raised By” Poems 3:49 – 8:12
Staff talk about “Identity Iceberg” and assumptions 8:18 – 10:03
Students/staff share “Assumptions” 10:04 – 12:39
Staff share seeing yourself as a “future you” (self-efficacy) 12:40 – 13:46
Students/staff share “future selves” 13:46 – 14:55
Kindergarten Alphabet Fashion Show (Identity through letters, pretty cute too) 14:55 – 16:38
Cue to Call: Identity 16:38 – 17:31
Multiple Identity levels 17:32 – 19:19
Questions to help build self-awareness when working with identity 19:19 – 19:33
Questions to help build social awareness when working with identity 19:33 – 19:57
Closing 19:57 – End

October – Citizenship

September – Community and Belonging

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