Board of Directors

The PTA Board of Directors are the people who have the legal responsibility for the operation of the Sand Point PTA, as well as fulfilling the requirements of their individual positions. Executive Committee positions are elected by the PTA General Membership yearly, other positions are appointed by the Board.



Board of Directors (voting)
Co-Presidents Karen Stukovsky

Anne Running

Vice President Angelyn Regala
Treasurer Juli Horan
Secretary Karma Wirrick Costello
Fundraising Chair(s) Megan Sun McIntosh
Volunteer Coordinator(s) Dawn Robinson
Kris Van Houten
Communications Chair Maizun Blackbird
Community Outreach/Leg Chair Chandra Hampson
Membership Chair Lisa Mead
Teacher Representative Allison Wegg
Teacher Representative
Event Chair [open position]
Principal Kristen Roberts
Committee Chairs (non-voting)
Advanced Learning Emily Darby
Art Chair Kris Van Houten
Bike Club Heather Lecrone
Box Tops Tracy Brown
Cashier Angelyn Regala
Earth Day/Heritage Brunch [open position]
ELL Representative(s) [open position]
Enrichment Chair [open position]
Garden/Sustainability Chair(s) [open position]
Picture Day [open position]
Yearbook [open position]
Safety Committee [open position]
SEL Committee Chair(s) [open position]
Teacher Appreciation Chair(s) [open position]

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