2017-2018 SEL Videos

February SEL Video: Social Awareness

  • Recap of WA Standard 4 – (1:15)
  • Students explain diversity (2:01)
  • Students explain culture (3:58)
  • I Am From poems (5:42)
  • Kindergarten playing Peacemaker or Peacebreaker (9:35)
  • Students explain peacemaker as “humanitarian” (11:50)
  • “Humanitarian” as transition word (14:09)
  • Connecting Social Awareness with Black Lives Matter (15:40)

January SEL Video: Social Awareness

  • Introduction of Social Awareness (using WA State Standards & Benchmarks) (2:00)
  • Students unpacking the words “perspective” and “empathy” (2:58 & 4:13)
  • Student/staff music video “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” (perspectives) (6:19)
  • 3 questions for building social awareness skills (9:45)
  • Intro of our January transition word “social awareness” (13:15)

December SEL Video: Self-Care
We are focusing on building self-awareness skills using “self-care”. We are also pivoting on the 3rd question of self-awareness, “What am I expressing to others?” to begin working on Standard 4 Social Awareness for the winter.


  • Students describing self-care (2:27)
  • Students talking about things they love to do (4:33)
  • Staff demonstrating common things adults do for self-care (6:15)
  • PSA from teachers about self-care during Winter Break (13:02)

November SEL Video: Reflection


  • Students defining reflection (2:17)
  • Students defining rumination (4:09)
  • Guest appearances from the Laurelhurst Principal, John Rogers Principal, and Decatur Principal as they take on our students in a round of Reflection vs. Rumination (5:26)
  • Strategies for managing strong feelings / self-bullying when revisiting challenging course work (re-writing, revising, editing, checking math) (10:19)

October SEL Video: Growth Mindset

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