English Language Learning (ELL)

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There are about 12,000 English language learning (ELL) students in Seattle schools. At Sand Point Elementary, we currently serve approximately 80 bilingual students who speak about 15 different first languages in addition to English.  At Sand Point we value, respect and celebrate our diverse learning community!

The goal of our Bilingual team is to support students in their schoolwork while they gain confidence and proficiency in using the academic English that is necessary to succeed in school. ELL students receive most of this support in their classrooms. Some students receive additional pull-out support for a short time each day. English proficiency is tested annually to monitor students’ progress in learning English.

Please feel free to visit the Bilingual team in 110 if you have any questions or need support!

Additional information and resources can be found on the English Language Learners and International Programs page on the Seattle School District website.

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Links to Support New Comers

http://www.sentenceframes.com/talk/NEWCOMERS.htm http://www.sentenceframes.com/talk/iPads_files/iPad Apps for ELD.pdf http://www.sentenceframes.com/talk/Links.html  Games http://www.cookie.com/kids/games/viewallgames.html http://www.starfall.com/ http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/ http://www.esl4kids.net/games.html  Flashcards http://www.eslflashcards.com/ http://www.english-guide.org/ Please let us know about any important links we should add. Contact sandpointelempta@gmail.com.

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Sand Point ELD Team

ELD Teacher: Michelle Merklin mimerklin@seattleschools.org 206-252-4669 every day   Bilingual Instructional Assistants: Ariadna Aguirre de Alvarado araguirredea@seattleschools.org Bilingual IA -Spanish 206-252-4673 every morning   Haile Wubneh hgwubneh@seattleschools.org Bilingual IA – Tigrinya / Amharic 206-252-4673 Mondays to Thursdays

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Want to Learn English? Courses for Parents

English as a Second Language (ESL) program is offered at: North Seattle College 9600 College Way North Seattle, Washington 98103 (206) 934-3600   Please click here for information: North Seattle ESL Program

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Ways to Use YOUR Language to Help Your Child Succeed

Ways to Use YOUR LANGUAGE to Help Your Child Succeed 1.  Read with your child in YOUR language every day and talk about what you read. Strong communication skills in YOUR language will help with English reading and writing. 2.  Tell stories in YOUR language. Give your child a home that is rich in your …

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