Family Exchange Initiative

The Family Exchange Initiative Vision 2015-2016

The Family Exchange Initiative seeks to develop strong bonds between all families at Sand Point Elementary, and to provide avenues to celebrate the great diversity within our school community.


The Family Exchange Initiative is open to any family or staff member at Sand Point. If our activities sound exciting to you, please contact Tina Gourd ( or Dawn Robinson (


Our group’s activities will be developed and adjusted based on group interest and participation, but our current vision includes:


December 8, 2015: Winter/New Year Traditions Event. This will also serve as our launch party. All attending are asked to share a story, folktale, or myth from their family concerning a winter or new year tradition. We invite sharing through storytelling, food, music, and crafts! Please click here for more information and to RSVP (by Dec 1).


Ongoing after December 2015: Family Exchange Partnerships. Partnerships will be formed after our launch party, to allow organic relationships to form before a more formal partnership. Exchange partnerships will be self-directed, although we encourage the planning of play dates and adult coffee/tea chats.


January 2016: An Evening of Traditional Cooking. Dawn will provide the home and kitchen, and one or more families will teach other participants how to cook a traditional dish. All are encouraged to bring food to share.


February/March 2016: Geography Exploration. All attending are asked to bring a map of a place in the world that is significant to your family, and to share a story about this place. We particularly invite stories that help us all learn about climate and physical geography. We invite sharing through pictures, storytelling, music, clothing, artifacts, and of course food! A large world map will trace our travels together!


April 2016: Preparing for Heritage Brunch and Earth Day. A gathering for those interested in creating a presentation/activity for attendees of Sand Point’s Heritage Brunch and Earth Day Celebration. We will gather to brainstorm ideas and support each other in the sharing our stories, cultures, and knowledge with the wider community.


April 23, 2016: Heritage Brunch and Earth Day Celebration. Interested members of the Family Exchange Initiative will present/provide activities that support student learning on the relationship between humans and the environment, focused on places and cultures in the world that have significance for our families.


May/June 2016: End of the Year Celebration. We will gather to celebrate our year of building community and to make plans for 2016-2017!

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