Ways to Use YOUR Language to Help Your Child Succeed

Ways to Use YOUR LANGUAGE to Help Your Child Succeed

1.  Read with your child in YOUR language every day and talk about what you read. Strong communication skills in YOUR language will help with English reading and writing.

2.  Tell stories in YOUR language. Give your child a home that is rich in your words and language. This will help with English reading and writing.

3.  Ask your child questions about school to show that school is important. Talk about school in YOUR language. Give your child encouragement about trying hard in school.  Explain why school is important for his/her future.

4.  Share your feelings and ask your child about his/her feelings. Teach him/her to use words to tell about feelings. Do this in YOUR language.

5.  Listen to your child read in English every day. Reading practice at home is very important for children to become fluent readers. You can ask him to explain the story in YOUR language.

6.  Talk in YOUR language about school rules and why rules are important to help all students learn.


More Ways to Help Your Child Succeed:

7.  Visit the Seattle Public Library or Sand Point Library and borrow books to read together.

8.  Help your child spend play time with English speaking friends.  This will help him/her to learn more English.

9.   Give your child a quiet time and place for homework. Turn off the TV and computer so it is quiet. Homework is more important for your child’s future!

10.  Find out about homework expectations and make sure your child does his/her homework every day. Look at the work. Make sure it is finished.

11.  Make sure your child is on time for school every day. If your child eats breakfast at school, come early so he/she can finish before class starts! Don’t let your child miss out on learning time!

12.  Talk to your child’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns. We can get an interpreter if you need one.

13.  Ask the ELL team for help any time you need it! Come to P-1.


Prepared by Michelle Merkin, ELD Teacher

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