RULER Video Lessons

Hello Sand Point Community,

We are very excited to share our  RULER video lessons! The kids did a great job participating in the creation of the videos. Now it’s your turn to enjoy and work. As you watch with your child I encourage you to think about how you look, sound, and feel when you are in each area. The heart of this work involves recognizing and differentiating between feelings, and developing strategies for becoming our best selves! If you’re unsure what to do just ask your kiddo.

Video – Part I – Students worked hard to identify how each area of the mood meter looks, sounds, and feels.

Video – Part II – Students explored strategies for using empathy and advocacy.

Video – Part III – Students learned the first 3 steps of the Meta Moment. (The Meta Moment is the 3rd RULER Anchor Tool.) We focused on recognizing how we think, feel (physiologically), and express ourselves when we are triggered. We practiced stopping and breathing when we are triggered and we learned three breathing techniques.

Video – Part IV – Step 4 of the Meta Moment process, See Your Best Self.

 Video – Part V – ‘Tis the season for test taking. Please enjoy our SEL approach on test taking strategies.

As a reminder we will be making one video lesson each month. If your student would like to participate please complete a Video Release Form and return it to your classroom teacher.  You can find permission slips in the main office, or in your child’s classroom.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at 206.252.4648 or at

Happy watching! Best wishes,


Bryan Manzo, M.Ed., LMHCA
School Counselor
Sand Point Elementary

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