Advanced Learning Opportunity (ALO)

What is ALO?

Sand Point Elementary is an Advanced Learning Opportunity (ALO) site.  ALO’s are district-supported programs that serve the needs of district-identified academically highly gifted and academically gifted students as well as teacher-identified students who demonstrate skills and readiness for participation in accelerated, rigorous, and enriched curriculum.  Service delivery is typically through an inclusive approach with an emphasis on differentiated instruction and flexible grouping.

Sand Point’s Proposed ALO Plan Features

  • Teachers utilizing a variety of grouping, curriculum modification, enrichment, and assessment tools to appropriately understand, challenge and accelerate advanced learners in core academic areas.
  • Staff is committed to the development of the whole child.  Our school environment encourages the positive social and emotional development of our advanced learners.
  • The use of the ALO Report Card, ensuring that our advanced students are receiving an accelerated curriculum corresponding with the Washington State Grade Level Expectations.  The ALO Report Card also maintains our “district-identified” students’ eligibility status throughout their elementary education career and into middle school.

Sand Point Elementary Complete ALO Plan

Sand Point ALO Math Model

Sand Point’s proposed ALO math model includes two models for structuring math instruction for ALO students.  Either one or both approaches may be used depending on the needs of students or circumstances.  Sand Point’s ALO model will accelerate math instruction one grade level above the grade level above the assigned grade level for a student in one of two ways:

  • Differentiated Instruction: Everyday Math Curriculum includes lessons for advanced learners and teacher may chose to accelerate instruction by incorporating these lessons for identified students.
  • Walk to Math: Advanced students may receive their math instruction by attending the appropriate grade level math class.

ALO Application Process

Applications for testing with the Advanced Learning Department occur yearly and are usually due the first week in October.  Please see the Advanced Learning page on the Seattle School District website for specific testing dates and information.

If you have questions about the ALO testing process please contact the SPS Advanced Learning Department at 206-252-0130.

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