Green Team 2012-2013


Sand Point Elementary has been certified as a Washington Green School! In honor of this achievement, we celebrated Earth Day in a big way at SPE.
We learned about how to promote sustainability in our own backyards, in local schools, and on our dinner plates with WA Green Schools, Sustainable Seattle, Mezza Luna Farms, Readers-to-Eaters, and Richard Swann (author of “Our School Garden”) .

  • All of the kids who attended got free t-shirts from the Seattle Mariners!
  • We built 30 benches with skilled construction professionals from Abbott Construction and CAST Architecture for use by classrooms during outdoor instruction.
  • We put 7 mini-greenhouse pyramid kits together and installed them on raised beds so that we can plant earlier and have more harvests from our garden during the school year.
  • We painted 12 decorative panels that will be used to beautify the indoor playcourt.
  • We weeded planted areas and tended plant pots around the building.
  • We planted starts in 11 raised beds.
  • A brave team of adult volunteers pulled out blackberries around our outside fence, so it will be easier to collect balls that go outside the fence.

Thank you to Carter Capps (pitcher, Seattle Mariners) and Taylor Graham (defender, Souders FC) for signing autographs and helping with our projects!
Many thanks also go to the SPE PTA, the SPE Green Team, SPE staff, SPE students and families, WA Green Schools, Boeing, Abbott Construction, CAST Architecture, Cedar Grove Composting, the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Sounders, Sustainable Seattle, Mezza Luna Farms, Readers-to-Eaters, and local children’s book author Richard Swann, for helping to make this day a huge success!


SPE is still pursuing certification as a Washington Green School.  This year, the SPE cafeteria moved from “pre-pack” lunches to offering a full salad bar and hot entrees prepared in the school kitchen.   As Mr. Warren wrote in his 9/19/12 Principal Page, “…new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines will be in place to help students make even healthier food choices in the school cafeteria.  … We serve locally sourced, rBST hormone free low fat and fat-free milk, a variety of fruits and vegetables, many locally sourced, and whole grain rich foods, including breads, pasta, rice and tortillas.”

As a result of these changes, our lunch waste has changed a great deal.  The trays and food boats that are used are compostable, and the milk cartons are still recyclable.  SPE students have been doing a super job sorting their lunch waste into our liquid, recycle, compost, and landfill containers.  Also, many students who bring their lunch from home have been bringing waste-free (or nearly waste-free) lunches.  This means that the volume of waste that SPE sends to the landfill is greatly decreased!

If you filled out a “2 Hour Power” form and checked the boxes “Green Team,” or “Sustainability,” watch your inbox for an invitation to join the Green Team and help SPE students achieve certification as a Washington Green School.


The SPE Green Team 2012-2013 consists of staff, volunteers, and seven students that will meet weekly (beginning January 11th) to lead efforts to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our school.

As part of the Washington Green School movement we are in the process of becoming certified as a Washington Green School in the category of Waste and Recycling.  Students will also produce a newsletter to highlight the school’s sustainability efforts.


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