School Garden

We have exciting activities lined up this Spring in the SPE Garden. Our Garden Educator Nicole Parish, will be working with students in the garden after school on Monday’s and Friday’s starting on February 26th, 2018 for a total of 6 weeks.


Week Subject Lesson
1 Soil Experiments and Preparation Through different activities, students will learn about components of the soil and how they affect plants.  In the classroom, students will learn about the soil horizons with an edible soil profile, and outside, students will be split in 2 groups to prepare the soil for planting, and paint with different pigments of soil.
2 Spring seeds Getting re-acquainted with the garden and learning how to plant seeds indoors and outdoors. Students will understand a little about the science of seeds and how they germinate.
3 Plant parts:

Shoots and Roots

Looking at and categorizing different kinds of roots and how to care for them. Predicting what kind of roots different vegetables will have, and making “root viewers” to test observe them.
4 Plant parts: Leaves! Discovering the variety of leaves in our garden through sight, feel, smell and taste! Students will look at the unique pattern on various leaves, conduct leaf rubbings, and making “compost tea” for the garden.
5 3 Sisters Planting Students will understand the role of plant interdependence and native gardening practices through companion planting and the three sisters story. Students will get a chance to plant a few companion plants together, including the 3 sisters.
5 Pollination Exploration Students will learn the important role of pollinators in plant development and reproduction, and therefore  human food consumption. We will search the garden for pollinators and talk about how we can help them live.
6 Salad Party Saying goodbye to the garden for the year, enjoying what we have grown! As we eat our spring salads, we can review the plant parts we find in them.  We will discuss small space gardening in containers and plant small vegetable gardens in pots to take home.




March: Native Currant Planting and Mason Bee Observation

April 16, 2018 Carton to Garden School Grant Contest Entry Due 

April 22, 2018 – Earth Day Community Celebration!  Noon till 3 PM  

May 27thGarden Work Party



Did you know that your child has the opportunity to spend time in the garden twice a week during Garden Recess?  Every Thursday and Friday morning, a small group of committed volunteers work and play with kids during the morning recess, rain or shine.  Weeding, mulching, planting, watering,harvesting and much more.  If it sounds like fun, join us!  You can sign up here:


Just because the school year ends, the garden really starts growing.  We’ve installed a simple drip system that we use to water over the warm summer months, but it does need to be set up and turned on weekly to keep the garden thriving.  If you are able to help sign ups are available via this link.

All volunteers are welcome to harvest from the garden while watering.

The Sand Point Elementary Garden is a small oasis in an otherwise black top environment.   If you haven’t visited it step inside and see what it’s all about.  100% volunteer and student built, and sustained.  It continues to grow and thrive through the support of the Sand Point Elementary PTA and members of our community.

Thank You for your commitment to teaching stewardship, healthy eating, sustainability, and the power of plants.

Julie and Stephan Hampden
Cheri Bloom
Emily Bishton
Chandra Hampson
Carolyn Gray
Dawn Robinson
Candi Becker
Mary Woodhead
Kris Van Houten
Anne Running 


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