School Garden Update

We have an exciting things lined up this spring for SPE students. Our new garden coordinator, Cheri Bloom will be working with students in the garden 2-3 times a month beginning in March!

March 4 – Each classroom will receive a mini seedling greenhouse to begin growing plans from seed in the class room

March 8 – Cover Crops with Cheri – we’ll be turning in the cover crops we planted to enrich our soil for spring planting! Grown-ups will be helping us to chop up the cover corps and turn them over safely.

March 22 – Cover Crops with Cheri – we’ll be turning in the cover crops we planted to enrich our soil for spring planting!- We will also be planting out some seed that can be sown outdoors this time of year. And we will continue tending our tender seedlings.Grown-ups will be helping us to turn the cover crops and to plant out our hardy seeds.

April 5 – Planting with Cheri – we’ll be planting out our seedlings as well as some starts in our classroom beds. Grown-up will be helping us to plant, and will be installing our mini-greenhouses on each bed.

April 12 – Compost and Worm Bin with Cheri – We’ll be talking about soil and how its made, turning our compost, and starting our worm bin!

April 27 – Earthday is Everyday at Sand Point Celebration!  We will tend our edible and ornamental gardens and containers, build benches for our outdoor classroom, beautify our playcourt with ornamental panels, have healthy snacks and hear from the experts: Washington Green Schools will talk about sustainability in our schools, Sustainable Seattle will talks about rain gardens in our neighborhoods, Stone Soup Gardens will talk about backyard farming and edible rain gardens, we will have local children’s author Rick Swann reading his book about school gardens, and we may even have a local farmer talk about buying locally grown food and how to Community Supported Agriculture works.

May 3 – Art in the Garden – Exploring our garden bounty with Cheri- Activity TBD

May 10 – Writing in the Garden – Exploring our garden bounty with Cheri- Activity TBD

May 17 – Harvesting and Eating Our Garden – Harvest Celebration with Cheri and Chef Bartleson from Sand Point Grill (we hope)

Late May/June dates TBD.


On Friday, October 19th, 2012, Sand Point Elementary students had a great time participating in a school stewardship day during which they worked to get the school garden ready for winter.  Students were guided by our new garden coordinator, Ms. Bloom, who described the process of putting the garden “to bed” for the winter, so that it is ready to grow healthy and vibrant plants in the early spring.

Some students worked on clearing out dead plants from the raised beds, leveling soil, and planting a cover crop to prevent erosion that can result from winter weather.



Some students worked on harvesting seeds from plants that had been pulled from the garden.  These seeds will be used in our garden this spring.


Some students helped us fill our outdoor compost bins with leaves and material that had been pulled from the garden beds.  The compost material was then covered with earthworms from the 2nd grade Soils science unit!  We will check this compost in the spring to see what changes have taken place in the bin!










Also, thanks to the efforts of our parent garden coordinator, Sand Point Elementary was featured at the National Food Day event at Mockingbird Books on Sunday, October 21.  Local author Rick Swann, read from his book Our School Garden, and herbs from the SPE garden, including Coriander,  Spanish Lavender, and Chives, were given to participants.  

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