Current Volunteer Needs

Looking for ways to get involved in your child’s school? Please consider volunteering for a position on the PTA Board, volunteering in the classroom or helping out with an event.  These are some of our current needs but we have many other volunteer opportunities so please contact Judy Findley or Dawn Robinson at volunteerspepta@gmail for details!

Library Volunteer
Sand Point is in need of a volunteer to shelve books in the library weekly. Do you have 30-40 minutes once a week, ideally on the same day each week? We have a volunteer on Mondays but could use additional help. Tuesdays would work well, but talk with Mr. Harvey if a different day is preferred.

Be a part of the Squirrel Squad and support our students by volunteering in our valuable resource, the SPE Library. Contact Mr. Harvey for more information at

Food Pack Volunteer
Sand Point Elementary and the University Food Bank teams up to provide supplemental food to our Squirrels in need. We need volunteers! Please click on the link, print and return this form. If you are unable to print a copy, please check with the office for a copy, in person. The volunteer commitment is twice a month on Fridays at noon. Lots of hands make light work!

Marathon Club Volunteer
Marathon Club is a fun way to get kids moving and awake so that they will be ready to learn when the bell rings. Volunteers are needed to set up bar codes and set up/monitor safety of tablet(s), cheer students on, inform students when it is time to put bar codes away (allow time prior to 7:50 bell for kids to get their backpacks and be ready to report to class), then put all boxes and tablet(s) away. Volunteers do stand out in the elements on less-than-beautiful days (umbrella and coffee acceptable accessories for volunteers), but it is oh-so-worth it to cheer on the kids, keep them motivated, and to see their smiles when they hit their milestones.

Midday work better for you? We would love to have volunteers willing to cover recess times. Mr. O’Brien is currently covering those himself but could use volunteer support. Also, if you are able to “fill in” occasionally for morning or recess, please let us know.

Contact Mr. O’Brien at or Karen Stukovsky at with questions or to sign up.

Safety Patrol Coordinator
Sand Point Safety Patrol started last year to keep students safe coming to school, and to provide 4th/5th graders a chance to practice leadership and helping others. We are looking for a parent to step into coordinating the program this year – with help from last year’s coordinator. The program is already established, the materials from last year are available! What we need is a parent who is willing to coordinate the schedule and ensure things are running smoothly. Please contact Judy Findley or Brooke Lawson if you are willing to step into this role or if you have more questions about the program at

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